Hawks Forex Social Trading

Discover the benefits of our social trading platform where you, as a strategy provider, can use our social trader tools to share your expertise and boost your income.

Leverage your expertise

Want to boost your trading income through social trading? Share your successful trading strategies with investors using our social trader tools and earn additional income from commissions.


Gain market popularity 

Grow your profile when thousands of investors view and copy your trades on the Hawks Forex platform.


Automate your admin

Engage with and manage all your investors from a single, user-friendly interface.


Set your own rates

Set your commission up to 50% and get paid for profitable investments last Friday of each month.


Enjoy our free platform 

Build your profile and run your social trading business with zero costs or platform fees.


Trade the Exness advantage

Benefit from low spreads, fast execution, swap-free trading, and Stop Out Protection.


Track your performance

Maximize your results with real-time analytics to optimize your trading performance.


Trade forex, commodities and crypto on the Hawks Forex Social Trading platform.


Find the right Social Trading account for you and become a strategy provider.

3 steps to get started

Step 1

Become a strategy provider

Create a trading strategy, and set the commission level you want to earn (up to 50%).

Step 2

Attract investors

The better you trade, the more investors will follow you and the more commission you will earn.

Step 3

Earn commission

Earn commission when you generate profit for your investors and get rewarded every month.

Hawks Forex accepts no responsibility for the performance of strategies made available through its Social Trading application(s).

Capitalize on others’ strategies

Exness Social Trading enables you to invest in global traders’ successful strategies through our user-friendly mobile platform. Choose a strategy, invest, and potentially profit from successful trades, regardless of your experience level.