Indices trading with low and stable spread

Conquer the global indices market with trading conditions designed to empower your strategy.


Why trade indices with Hawks

From the US Tech 100 to the S&P, gain exposure to highly traded global indices with a broker that knows what matters to you.

Fast execution

Never miss a pip. Get your orders executed in milliseconds on both the MT platforms and proprietary Hawks Forex Terminals.

Low and stable spreads

Trade both rising and falling stock markets with low spreads that stay stable, even during high-impact stock market news.

Stop Out Protection

Take on volatile markets with a unique protection feature that strengthens your positions and helps delay or avoid stop outs.

Indices market conditions

The global index market is a broad network of stock indices that typically include hundreds or thousands of stocks from large to small-cap companies. Hawks’ award-winning trading platform allows you to speculate on the price movements of various stock indices without having to buy the underlying asset.


Spreads are always floating, so the spreads in the table above are yesterday’s averages. For live spreads, please refer to the trading platform.


Swap values may be updated on a daily basis. If you are a resident of a Muslim country, all accounts are automatically swap-free.


Dividend amounts may be updated on a daily basis. Check upcoming dividends and read more important information about dividends in our Help Center.

Fixed margin requirements

When trading indices, leverage is fixed at 1:400 for US30, US500 and USTEC, and 1:200 for other indices. All indices’ daily higher margin requirements depend on the specific index. You can find a list of all higher margin requirements for indices here.

Stop level

Please note that the stop level values in the table above are subject to change and may not be available for traders using certain high-frequency trading strategies or Expert Advisors.

Indices trading hours
  • AUS200: Sunday 22:55:00 to Friday 20:59:59 (daily break 05:29:59-06:10:00, 21:58:59-22:55:00)

  • US30, FR40, DE30, USTEC, US500, STOXX50, UK100: Sunday 23:05:00 to Friday 20:59:00 (daily break 21:59:00-23:05:00)

  • JP225: Sunday 23:05:00 to Friday 20:59:59 (daily break 21:58:59-23:05:00)

  • HK50: Sunday 22:05:00 to Friday 19:59:59 (daily break 00:44:59-01:15:00, 04:29:59-05:00:00, 08:29:59-09:15:00, 20:59:59-22:05:00)

Al timings are in server time (GMT+0).

Trade on the world index market with Hawks Forex

Diversify your portfolio

and gain exposure to the global market by trading stock index derivatives.

Access the most highly-traded major indices

from top markets around the world, including the US, UK, China, Germany, and Japan, with ultra-fast execution and low and stable spreads.

Enjoy immediate access to your earnings

from indices trading with one of the only brokers in the industry to process withdrawals instantly.¹